Adios Google +

Google, the giant multinational American tech company, has taken a huge decision of shutting down the Google social media platform, Google Plus for the consumers on Monday, October 8, 2018. After years of considerations, Google Company finally made this decision and accepted that Google Plus failed to gain such an engagement that the company had expected. As soon as the news of Google Plus shutting down spread in the market, the curiosity among the consumers has taken a major hype. While some are speculating the Google Plus data breach is the reason behind the Google+ shutting down, others are guessing that the unpopularity of the Google+ among all the leading social platforms could be the possible reason for this decision.


Notably, Google accepted the fault in the social networks API that is believed to affect as many as half a million potential Google Plus users’ accounts. According to Google, the company has detected the flaw somewhere in March 2018 – even before the Google I/O 2018 and patched the issue soon after. However, the company decided to keep the issue secret. After the Facebook data breach, it is quite scandalous that we have placed our blind trust in giant social network platforms and email services Gmail etc.

Note : Google announce that they will shut down google plus by august 2019. But Then after the second security breach happens. Where google plus public API share more then 52 million users data.



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