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Review : Padman


A film which name is not accepted in the society openly ‘Padman’ now is under review.

Well start from the Story, it’s actually inspired the real life Padman Mr. Arunanchalam Muruganatham, social activist from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Movie’s story adaptation by R.Balki the director from the short story The Sanitary Man of Sacred Land.  Story was very nice.


Second point is acting, Radika Apte do well as well as Sonam Kapoor but Akshay Kumar was in his one of the best performance.


Third point is Screenplay, Dialogue which was also nice.

Fourth point was Music and Dance, well dance have no scope in this movie but music by Amit trivedi was very nice. Arjit Singh very well ‘Aaj se teri….’

and the title track ‘Pad man title track’ sung by Mika Singh was also nice.

The fifth point is direction and like ‘Cheeni Kum’ & ‘Paa’ this time R. Balki direct one of the nice movie from his tenure.

I will give 5/7 stars to this movie just for acting, direction and social messaging in the India.



Review: Padmavat

IMG_5979-2-1012x1024After a long discussion with the friends, listing the contravention about the film finally I have watched the movie ‘Padmaavat’ a.k.a. ‘Padmavati’ in SRS Pheonix United Mall, Bareilly on  17-March-2018 with my wife.

No Doubt the film was grand and this is my third Bhansali Film which I have seen in the Cinema Hall after Guzarish & Bajirao Mastani.

Film is all about the history. First I will talk about the Story. It is lengthy but quite impressive. Yup the history was distorted at many places.






Second thing the casting, I have more mesmerized by the acting of Ranveer Singh as compare to Deepika and Shahid.

Third the screenplay, no doubt Bhansali’s movies has a very nice and detailed screenplay. Raja Murad, the ladies with Deepika, Alluddin Khilji’s nephew all are acted well.

Fourth the Music, dance & dialogue, well I was not impressed the dialogues but music was awesome. ‘Ghoomer’ song, ‘Khalibali’ song are the highlights of the movie.



In Khalibali, Ranveer Singh danced very well on the steps of Ganesh Acharya. One song which was not their in the movie ‘ Nainowali ne’ sung by Neeti Mohan was nice, which I heard in the audio of the movie. Another song ‘Binte dil’ sung by Arjit Singh was also nice.


The Fifth aspect of the movie was Direction, and no doubt that was brilliant as always by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

I will give 5/7 Stars to this movie. It’s one time visual treat only in Cinema Hall.